Ogi Eyewear, Scojo New York 2015 Catalog

Not to long ago I styled the 2015 Catalog for Ogi Eyewear. It was a hot summer day and Im remembering shooting on the roof of a really high building. I'm usually not to good with heights, so this was quite a challenge :) I was assisted by Dina and Anna which was a huge help because at the time I was 7months pregnant. The concept for the shoot was clean, commercial and high-end. The main focus was the eyewear so neutrals were perfect to bring up the pop of color in the glasses. If you are interested in purchasing some glasses or just want to browse, I attached links at the bottom.

Hope you like the images. -xoxo

Behind the Scenes images of Russ HD in action :)


Photographer - Russ HD

Make-up - Sara Saltanovitz - http://www.factorartists.com/a/sara-saltanovitz-bio/

Factor Models - http://factorwomen.com/



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