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Marta Cebrat is a wardrobe stylist, designer and blogger. Originally born in Poland, Marta Cebrat made a life-changing move to the United States in 1993. While the location of her home changed drastically, it wasn’t long before this merely enjoyable passion for creative expression through clothing and accessories inspired her to pursue the path to develop a career in the famously cut-throat fashion industry.


After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design at the Illinois Institute of Art, Marta became enraptured by several areas of fashion, including jewelry design, apparel and wardrobe styling. Early field experience in styling equipped Marta with the savvy and knowledge necessary to understand different silhouettes, and also offered her the invaluable opportunity to meet and work with talented, creative people. Marta proved her styling caliber as she swiftly deepened her portfolio of notable work through freelance opportunities, consequently creating a reputation for herself that is now well known and respected in the industry.




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